Weighing In

Sunday is the day I have chosen to weigh myself every week.  I’m keeping it to once a week so I’m not hovering over the scale crying all the time, it really fluctuates a lot through the week.  I still get frustrated because some weeks I don’t lose anything, even though I worked really hard, then some weeks when I do lose it feels really good.  Then there are weeks when I gain.  I’m up from 243.8 to an even 245. I really wanted to see the numbers below 240 but I’m trying not to be upset about it because my eating has been out of control this week.  Especially at night :/.   I’m not tearful right now or anything, I do feel a little disappointed in myself.  This is a pattern with me, I get too comfortable, too many compliments on how good I am doing and I wreck it.  My overindulgences this week were definitely overboard, and I only have myself to blame, there were no emotional crisis or holidays for an excuse, just me lacking self-control.  I do know that, according to pattern, I will do better this upcoming week. Progress has been so slow, I have been actively dieting since Jan 1.  I am going to meal prep today to keep healthy options available to myself. I find the structure of a meal plan and focusing on a set number of each food group helps me to stay on track.   Maybe I’ll post some pics and a recipe.


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