New Boobs for Motivation

In the dumps all day, but I still went to the gym and the track.  They say the people who succeed are those who go even when they don’t want to.  Well I’m officially a member of that club.  I only did 15 min on the elliptical at the gym, the girl who works at the front desk looked at me funny when I left so quickly but eh.  M didn’t show so I was discouraged, apparently she was busy, she didn’t show at the track tonight either, said she had a stomach ache.  F is still down with the flu so she was a no-show as well.  I know F is as motivated as me and would be there if she could but I get the impression M is just looking for excuses not to work out.  She has lots of reasons not to work out and is sometimes a bad influence on me and talks me into doing things instead of working out, like Hobby Lobby.  I reached my 10,000 steps at the track, burned my daily 2000 calories and came very close to the five mile mark.  I’m actually hoping that my typing will confuse my fitness watch into thinking I’m still walking and hit the mark.

I haven’t heard from Ed today, I hope he is doing okay.  I called once but no answer.  Maybe his condition is why I’m glum.  Maybe it is just a lot of things put together.  The weight is coming off so slowly, my house won’t stay clean,  Ed is dying,  my mother never calls, the neighbor girl who stayed the night last weekend had lice,  I could go on and on I guess.  It wasn’t encouraging when I told my husband about my mood and he immediately said “I’m worried.”  Not helpful man.  I’m worried too but I feel like articulating that gives it power.  Feeding the dragon and all.

Anyhoo.  My back was really bothering me tonight during my walk, I kept having to stop and stretch it back out.  My huge ol’ 40F’s are seriously putting a strain on my lower back.  I can’t wait for my new boobs.  Once I lose all this weight and my boobs look like oranges in socks I’m getting me some nice perky size B’s.  I’ll never wear a bra again either.  I think I’ll dream about that tonight.



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