Coffee Tolerance

Feeling better today, but still not up to par.  I think I need to lay off the caffeine though. 4 cups of coffee, green tea tabs w/160 mg caffeine and a monster and I still took a nap for a hour and a half.  I picked up the green tea today, I’m desperate for something to help my weight loss.  My husband wants pizza for dinner.  Trying to get through to him my lack of willpower and my desperation to lose this weight is like banging my head against a brick wall.  Right now I’m eating chicken breast with spinach to curb my appetite when the dreaded pizza arrives.  Reheated spinach tastes disturbingly like the way dirty grass smells.

I skipped the gym this morning and went shopping instead but I’m still going to the track tonight.  I bought a couple of cute new gym outfits to make me feel better.  Nothing works on motivating me to go to the gym like a cute outfit, I don’t care if I look like hell in it.  I shouldn’t be spending money on clothes that won’t fit long though, right?  I try to laugh but really I want to go back to bed.  The only reason I’m up is because the baby is up.  Blech


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