Depakote Woes

I could have sworn I had an extra bottle of every med before I went on this trip.  Apparently I was wrong, they didn’t fill my Depakote and now I am dealing with a civilian pharmacy to try to get a script transferred from a military facility.  I don’t know how this is going to go but I have my fingers crossed.  They already called me once for a new phone number and the script has only been in their hands for fifteen minutes.  I don’t know why I am panicking over this, my last Dr. told me my dose probably doesn’t even have me at a therapeutic level, so I can probably go without it for a while.  My pills are my crutch though, I take them religiously every day because the make everything all better, or so I tell myself.  Even if it’s just a placebo effect it works for me.  If I am having anxiety, I take my buspar and deep breath until the panic goes away,  I get sleepy twenty minutes after taking my nighttime meds even though I no longer take a sleeping pill. Depakote is my mood stabilizer, it keeps the swings from going too high or too low.  I NEED it, it’s my second favorite pill ever.  Lithium was my favorite for mood but the side effect of destroying my thyroid ended our relationship.


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