Manic or Not-Manic?

It is seriously hard to tell for myself when I am hypomanic or even full blown manic.  After my couple of down days I am starting to question whether I have not gotten myself in over my head in another hypomanic episode.  Not that I don’t strongly believe in what I am trying to do, Mo needs to be with her dad and homeschooling necessitates that, but is it a decision I would have made so quickly if I hadn’t been so antsy to DO something. I was riding a pretty good high on all the exercise and healthy eating, did it spill over into my psyche as well?  If I get back on track with my diet and exercise will I feel that good again? Should I feel that good?   Was that a normal healthy high or just me exercising because I was manic?  How to tell?   If there is an answer out there I’d like to know it.


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