It’s the start of a new week and I just know this week will go better.  Things are settled down here at my mom’s, my trigger person is gone, I’m heading back up to Ed as soon as the schoolbooks arrive for Mo.  I’ve decided that if it looks like he will be residing in the nursing home for a while we will head back south because there  is not much we can do other than visit for a little each day.  I know he enjoys our visits but the kids need the structure of home.  We can always come back up if things change.  He said I jumped the gun by coming up when I did and I have to agree.  It’s been a nice visit and we will be around here at least another week but the decision to go home sooner rather than later has fixed the problem of feeling like we are in limbo.

I’m feeling good about things again, my down mood has thankfully passed without any lingering malaise.  I’m excited about the books arriving, I just love books, excited to get this homeschool thing really going.  I know Mo will blossom with the one on one learning, she is so smart but tends to do the bare minimum at public school.  She gets to choose from a list of classics to read four of them, I chose what I knew she liked and ordered The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, My Side of the Mountain, A Wrinkle in Time and The Rats of NIHM.  All good reads as far as I’m concerned and all books I read in the fifth grade.  I’m excited for her, I hope it all goes well.  She can be a real bull sometimes between the bipolar and ADHD.  She takes a mood stabilizer but nothing for ADHD so she tends to wander.  I’m confident I can manage, I’m prepared to break things up and I know there will inevitably be meltdowns but after all is said and done, I know my child better than the school teachers ever did.


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