I’m officially an emotional wreck, the Disney movie Frozen, which I have seen five hundred times, had me in tears multiple times.  I just don’t know what to do with myself, I’m not normally a tearful person, at all. I actually have a very hard time crying even when I know I’m needing to.  It’s amazing the emotionally raw relief I feel after a good long cry, unless I’m depressed, then it’s just raw.  I fervently hope that I’m not already heading for a downward slide, I only just recognized I was unusually high.  I think I could ride it out productively for a little while longer.  Is that wrong? To enjoy the productivity of a hypo manic state? It’s when it gets real bad, when everything gets started and nothing gets finished that sucks; a little extra umph to top off the day can’t be too bad.  Impulsive decisions and anxiety aside.  


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