Home Again

Well, after a very long drive we are home in GA again.  So relieved to be home.  I called the PDOC today to get my referral for behavioral health and the usual run around begins.  There is a problem scheduling appointments unless I want one for August, I’ll have to call again in a few days to try again.  Settling back in has been harder than expected.  The house is a disaster, there’s all the laundry to do, and my workout buddies don’t want to work out anymore. *insert frownyface*  I did go for my usual walk last night but skipped the gym this morning.  It was nice to get back to routine but I’m discouraged without my buds.  The gym is an intimidating place alone, especially on an army post, there are some really hardcore gym-goers here.  I’ll go for my walk tonight and see if I can coerce someone into going with me.


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