Progress Report

I seem to be doing much better now that I’m home again, getting back into the swing of things has me rejuvenated.  I’m still not consistent on my diet or workouts, but I have beaten this house into shape and restocked the fridge with produce.  I had a good trip to the commissary with the little one, they have carts with race-car seats and she just loves them.  Got me some fresh sushi and a good deal on coffee.  I even remembered to have cash to tip the bagger.  Mo is making progress on working independently with her schoolwork although I had to take her computer and phone away today to get her to start it.  I kept trying to help and she kept shooing me away.  So far everything we have done has been a review of stuff she learned at the beginning of the school year.  Except for factoring to prime numbers, and who actually knows how to do that?  I had to study up extensively to show her how it’s done and I’ve already forgotten.  My mood has leveled out at hypo-manic, I’m full of energy and motivation but not compulsive about anything except maybe exercise right now.  I will go for my evening walk around the track, probably two miles tonight.  I’ll call the appointment line tomorrow to try to schedule our appointment for referrals again, hopefully the snafu with the schedule will be cleared up.  All in all I’d say I am doing okay.


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