It’s 3 AM and I’m up up up.  Still going strong in the mania. It’s reached the point where I am starting to have mini panic attacks and I’m having a hard time driving because of anxiety.  I’m not hearing things yet though, so there’s that.  I’m hopping from obsession to obsession. The past few days it has been getting ready for a camping trip we have planned, a few days ago it was garage sales.  Who knows what’s next, hopefully healthy things.  I’m still walking at least five miles a day and the house is staying really clean.  I’m grumpy though and snappish, everything is getting on my nerves or I’m in love with it.  I actually cried because I was so happy earlier. Ridiculousness.  I’m going to dig out the trazadone at some point so I can sleep.  Meanwhile I’ll catch up on “Game of Thrones”.  I’ve stopped watching several times already because it is stressing me out, but I keep turning it back on.  John Snow’s just so damn cute.


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