Busy Busy Busy or Manic Manic Manic

Well it has been a long couple weeks but I have taken the initiative and am trying to get a home based business off the ground.  I opened an Etsy shop and started advertising on the local facebook pages for the signs I have been making.  They are your typical rusticy farmhouse esque little plaques that you are seeing everywhere right now. Pinterest inspired.  I have one that I think is going to be a big seller.  So far the business is $60 in the red but isn’t that how all businesses start?  I know it sounds manic and it probably is as that is all I have been doing for two weeks, but I am enjoying myself and that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?  The normal day to day aspects of life are all still getting taken care of, the house is clean and I’m not blowing all our money.  I had a garage sale to raise the funds for some supplies and got some scrap wood fencing and construction cast-offs, not to mention the endless supply of pallets from the new solar panel installation here on post. I won’t need to spend any more money and with luck I’ll get some sales soon, so far nada, but I just started putting the word out.

Mo’s first doctor appointment with the new psychiatrist is Wednesday and I am really nervous about it.  I hope it’s a good doctor and not some asshole.  She is up visiting with her dad again, he’s really hanging in there and I’m glad she gets to spend father’s day with him but I miss her for all the time she is spending away from me.  I think she would get a kick out of making signs with me too.  I’ve got my appointments coming up as well, I don’t really know where I stand as of this moment.  I am exhibiting a lot of manic behaviors but I feel better than I did a few weeks ago.  The panic attacks and anger have passed, but I may be a little short tempered.  I’m enjoying the motivation and creativity I feel right now but most likely once that Depakote increases I’ll be slowing down a bit.  I’m having a hard time not jumping around in my writing and I feel very rushed all the time.  I guess I should just admit I’m at least hypomanic.  I almost don’t want it to end. Here’s some signs.


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