About Three Months

Well as typically me I have dropped off the face of the planet for about three months.  It is enlightening to go back and look at my blog posts and see that I usually go in spurts for a couple months every few months, then disappear only to resurface again.  So I am back again for another round, we will see how it goes.

What’s going on with me you say? Well, well, well, let me just tell you. I have been terribly busy investing all my hypo-manic energy into my latest obsession.  Signs! Cute wooden signs.  My big money maker, or break evener, is a plaque set geared toward military families but I have been tinkering with all things pinterest. land of the free 1 I even opened an etsy shop, and have made two sales.  All my spare time and energy has gone into this, but a minimum amount of start-up money. Exactly $70 I made in a yard sale has greased the wheels and any money I make goes straight back into supplies.  Business and personal finances have remained strictly separated.  Right now I am flat broke on both fronts, but there are two signs done awaiting pick-up next week and a payday coming up in the same time frame.  So bills will be paid and I can finance the making of more signs, all is good.  Not that my hands will be idle while the funds are low.  I have plenty of supplies and even three pallets to break down for wood.  Get that rustic feel.  Rustic Refinery Store, that’s the name of my shop and I hate it.  I did take me out flagnot pick it, it was M’s suggestion and once I searched it I found a shop in Ohio with a similar name that makes way cooler stuff.  But eh, I went along with it.  I’ve done a lot along the lines of branding and made a logo that I am putting on everything.  I found this really cool website called CANVA that is super easy to use and have made things like banners, brochures and business cards. reversible snowman1 I have a community wide yard sale I am going to set up my table at, with newly designed burlap table cloth, then a community flea market at Oktoberfest. reversible snowman2 With the funds from these endeavors I hope to file for business licensure and register our trade name.  I’m spending loads of time online researching the process and the papers, I really want to do this right.  Then on Dec 1st is the Fort Gordon Holiday Craft Fair and I’m looking forward to that, with high hopes to have a business license by then and be legit.

For once in my life mediocre is good enough.  I’ve never really been great at anything, and I have had my hand in a lot of pots: factory worker, gardener, machine operator, painter, ceramics, drywall, mechanic, nurse, bartender, prepper, carpentry, tattoo artist, exotic dancer, cook, seamstress, crocheter, scrapbooker, cheesemaker, fitness junky and now-wife and mother.  I’ve never been great at any of it and it sucks.  Sure I’d like to be fabulous at something, but I’m not and I have to live with that.  Making the signs is really enjoyable and I am just good enough to get by.  People like my work.  I don’t, but that has more to do with my own personal demons I think.  I’m enjoying myself and hope to one day be able to contribute to the household finances.  I’m wanting that one great accidental idea to come along that actually makes a profit.  I have a history of moments of artistic genius and I just need it to happen again.  I also have a history of investing myself and my finances fully into things and then having an emotional crash and losing it all.  I desperately don’t want that to happen again.  I need this, I need it to work out, I need to not fail at something. home is where marines2

Speaking of failing at things, I believe I am a failure at blogging too.  My inconsistent posting and erratic topics along with lack of interaction with my few followers labels me as not worth following.  But I get so much enjoyment out of it, when I do it, that I will continue, however sporadically. I will now populate this post with pictures of my work.


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