Essential Oils and Dreads

I have dipped my toes into a new idea, essential oils for anxiety and depression.  Really I am to the point I will try anything.  So please! Hit me up with any info you have on it.  Your opinions and experiences.  I got myself a diffuser at big lots for $20 and a few oils to get me started.  I got lavender because it helps relax you I guess.  I snagged a few from walmart but am worried about quality, I have a sister that sells the good stuff and I am going to pump her for info and maybe, if I have the cash, order some.  I set up my little diffuser next to my bed last night and put lavender in and sat and read my book, just chillin like any normal person, it felt good.  I’m not sure how much the aromatherapy did but hey, I’ll try it all.  I also ordered one of those diffusing necklaces so that I can have the benefit of the oils with me wherever I go.  One thing that may not work out is I scratch, especially when something is touching my chest.  I don’t normally wear jewelry because of this, I develop a self inflicted rash every time I wear a necklace.  My sister actually gave me some essential oils to put on said rash at some point and it did help to sooth it.  Hopefully they will cancel each other out.  My theory is that people have been using plants and their extracts for thousands of years, not all these chemicals and artificial man made concoctions.  Lets get back to our roots.  Not saying I won’t take my meds or do the ECT but I feel like this could really bump up the game so to speak.

Also, I got my dreads put in, my other sister did them for me.  I am so excited to have started this journey.  It pulled the trigger on essential oils for me.  I want to make a dread refresher out of essential oils.  I got a recipe off youtube from these really great videos by WiredandStoned.  It only took us about six hours to do all but my bangs, I am going to leave those out.  They are pretty thin, because I have thin hair.  I tried to dye it blond first but it turned out a kind of reddish.  I have about thirty of them.  Beautiful long locks because we weaved in extensions.  I know that is cheating but I didn’t want to lose any length and they will shrink up even more as they mature I guess.  I have four at the back that are au natural and they are a lot softer than the ones with the weaves in.  I dreamt last night that they all fell out and I was disappointed but kept on with the dreads.  This is bucket list stuff for me people.  I watched my older sister and a friend do it the neglect method and man did their hair stink.  I now know that they had no idea what they were doing.  We didn’t have things like youtube when we were kids and it’s not like the library had any books on it lol.  There is a nearby community of people who could have helped, but we had no way to get there.  I actually found a shop that did dreads there but the cost was prohibitive. I do plan on going there for a consult and some upkeep.  Once I finish my crocheting of they stray hairs and get my bangs washed I’ll post a pic.



7 thoughts on “Essential Oils and Dreads

  1. On the topic of EO’s. I have found that the best outcome is smelling things that make you feel good as opposed to what they are for. I do keep lavender around, even though I can’t stand the smell of it, but I do love it mixed with vanilla. I find citrus scents are good, they make be feel bright, fresh, and clean. I also love floral scents as they make me feel pretty and calm. Sandalwood and Cedar make me feel at peace and calm. I dunno, just some suggestions. I’m looking to get an oil diffuser for me room. I just don’t know where I would put it because I have so many things plugged into my side of the bed as it is, and I don’t have room on my nightstand. 😦

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    • Thank you for the very informative reply. I’m def going to try the lavender with vanilla, that just sounds great! I feel your pain with the cords though. I had to get one of those multi plug adapters for my bedside to be able to plug the diffuser in lol

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  2. Hey blue! I have suffered from anxiety and depression for years. I recently have started to feel better. Oils are really helpful! Lavender is excellent choice. I have also purchase mixed blends that say relax on it and Monq with are oil blends that you can inhale. Super awesome! Other things that have helped me: yoga, writing, art, and small sessions of meditation. On a side note: I have just started dreads myself! I’m super excited . You should post a picture of your baby dreads!

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  3. Hey Blue, so sorry you’re not feeling well. I can tell you a little bit about how essential oils affect the brain. There are certain naturally occurring chemical compounds in different plants, that when extracted become a part of the essential oil. when you inhale them they go straight through your olfactory system to the Pineal or emotional portion of your brain. There they attach with neuro receptors where they are turned into a protein molecule and send the message to uplift your brain in the case of peppermint oil, which your brain then transmits to the rest of your body. In the case of lavender the message from the oil to your brain and then your brain to your body is one of calm, grounding and peace. It all depends on the terpenes (or chemical)make up of the oil. While I can’t say that they would cure anything, I use oils every day and find that they only provide comfort in my home. Having said all of that, not all oils are created equal and there are different qualities of oils, and lots of oils that you get at big box stores are nothing other than olive oils with chemical fragrances added. To get true therapeutic benefits you really want a pure oil. If your sister sells one that you believe in, that is excellent. I really hope you get to feeling better.

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    • Thank you for all the information! You explained things very clearly and i needed that. I’m truly enjoying my foray into the aromatherapy world and doing all the research I can, I even found a local certification course to get me the hands on knowledge I’m desiring. The days come and go that are bad but there are good moments too that make it all worth it.

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