On The Gym Front

So I haven’t made it to the gym since Monday.  The little one picked up a nasty virus and was just miserable.  Poor little thing, I have never seen her so puny.  Monday next we will be back at it, hitting those weights and 40 min of cardio twice a day.  It is hard to get myself to the gym and to get started, but once I am actually working out, I feel really good.  I know it’s good for me too.  I just wish I was showing some more progress on the weight loss.  I’m probably losing inches, what I keep telling myself,  and I’m not due to measure inches for a couple more weeks.  I am failing miserably on the food front and I know that is where my problem lies.  I meal prep on sundays and make up lots of healthy meals and snacks.  I wake up in the morning nauseated so I don’t feel like eating and I put it off until mid-afternoon suddenly I’m starving and I will eat at whatever fast food joint is nearest.  I have been hitting subway pretty hard to avoid the burgers and fries, but that shit is not really good for you either.  I even packed myself a lunch and thought I would eat it instead, nope, it is in the car frozen from the cold.  So breakfast is the goal for next week.  If I can just make myself eat breakfast I feel like it would set the tone for the rest of the day.  Once again I am going to make up some containers of fruit and granola to go with my favorite yogurt.  I have oats and will make up a batch of crockpot oatmeal.  And I WILL choke it down dammit!


2 thoughts on “On The Gym Front

  1. I canceled my gym membership last year. I just couldn’t make myself get in the car and go. I do have a weight bench and treadmill in my basement, and keep telling myself I need to start working out, but motivation has left me. I am just going to have to force myself. I gained all the weight I lost over the Christmas holiday, and I have lost 6 of it, but I need to lose more. My respitory therapist wants me to lose 10% of my body weight. I wake up nauseated also. And due to meds, I can usually only eat 1 meal a day because I have no appetite. But I have had a horrible sweet tooth as of late, and once all the fruit is gone, I look to carbs to get satisfaction. I need to stop that. I wish you well on your journey, and hope your little one is better soon.

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    • The hardest part about working out is getting started for me. I’ve had equipment at home before and they just turn into glorified clothes hangers. I find that going to the gym keeps me somewhat accountable, it really helps that the kids have classes there, it’s like I have to go. I hope you find the motivation you need and the energy to follow through. The struggle is real lol

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