Essential Oils-What A Can Of Worms

I was under the impression that there were like two essential oil companies, or at least two that were reputable.  There are like, dozens!!  And each of these companies has a way of saying that they are the best and a plethora of devoted followers.  I don’t even know where to start!  The bickering and praising, the backbiting and haters, reviews riddled with comments of opposing arguments, and don’t get me started on the contradictions.  What the hell does cold pressed vs steam distilled mean?  I get that heat destroys good stuff, but all these companies tout cold pressed but in the fine print steam distill some things because costs would otherwise be prohibitive. I got news for you guys, costs are already prohibitive.  I’m ready to go to the spice isle and sniff me some dill.  I don’t know what that actually does.  Apparently fight cravings and trigger the brain’s satiety center.  This is a whole new world of possibilities and I am tingling with the anticipation of all the exel spreadsheets in my future just to sort it all out.  I have already started two, carrier oils and their uses and one on essential oils for stopping sugar cravings.  That’s where I got my info on dill.  Although I am sure sniffing a spice bottle and diffusing a high grade essential oil are two very different things.  For those of you that may not know, like me last week, carrier oils are for cutting with your essential oils for many different reasons.  To stretch them further, to dilute them for various uses, to add valuable properties to your concoctions and so on.  Some oils are more easily absorbed with a carrier and some need to be cut because they are so potent.  I don’t know yet which ones are appropriate for what but I see experiments coming.

I spoke to my sister the Young Living consultant, Lemon Head if you will,  she scoffed at my grocery store snags and rolled her eyes when I told her how ineffective the bedtime lavender experiment was.  I used wal-mart pharmacy lavender and the babes was restless and up until 11 o’clock.  After much internet research I have come to the conclusion that my grocery store oils are good for poo-pourri only.  A wonderful invention- it is an oily spray you spritz onto the toilet bowl water before you poo to cut down on the smell.  The oils trap the odor under the water’s surface so there is no embarrassing stench.  Not that I need that, I drink so much cinnabon coffee creamer my poo smells like cinnamon. TMI I know.  The google gods tell me that Young Living is potentially the priciest of oils, have good mixes like their Thieve’s Oil, have been around 25 years.  They are also a multilevel marketing company so you pay a lot for all those hands your oil passes through.  But they have the rep and loads of devoted followers.  I think I will start with one of their kits to dip my toes in the waters, along with a small order from Butterfly Express to get those oils I’d like to buy individually.  Butterfly Express is an American based company in Idaho I believe, and they are not a MLM syndicate.  I’m getting some duplicates and will be performing a smell test, technical I know but as I don’t have a mass-spectrometer it will have to do.  If you haven’t noticed I am a complete and total noob and my smell test means nothing.  Please don’t take my opinions to heart and do your own research as I am sometimes not smartish.  I really couldn’t pass up Butterfly Express prices after window shopping on the YL and Do-Terra websites.  The BE website was hard to navigate, not user friendly from my iphone at all but I figured it out enough to place an order yesterday, I hope it comes quickly.

I am making a trip down to the local flea market, Trader’s World to find me some raw shea butter for my experiments in personal bath and beauty concoctions.  I love shea butter, it is the only thing that has worked on my chicken skin.  I apply it religiously and liberally after every shower to keep the bumpiness under control.  I’d like to make my own body butter with some EO’s, shea butter and rosehip oil and see how it does.  I’m looking forward to all the potential the EO community has opened up for me.  I will be doing my research as much as possible and looking for the best most effective, for me, treatments for my anxiety and depression as well as the common cold and ADHD blends for the teen.  Wish me luck on this exciting journey


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