I now know why I been feeling like poo, I’m sick, so sick.  Too sick to sleep, my chest and throat hurt too much.  Unfortunately I know what little bug has sunk it’s teeth into me, Coxsackie.  The little one picked it up at daycare and now mommy has it.  My tongue is white and I have three blisters on my right foot.  Google the picks, it’s ugly.  Adults don’t usually get it, it’s one of those viruses that is normally passed between the kids.  No wonder the baby has been such a butt-head, this sucks.

It’s actually kind of relieving to have a nice normal virus making me feel sick instead of some invisible neurochemical imbalance.  I have a doc appointment Thursday to get my mental health referral, I’m sure he will confirm what I have.  Just a virus, has to run it’s course, nothing to be done.  I could have this god-forsaken sinus drainage for a couple weeks.  There may be eyeball drainage, all very organic.  It would be better if there was a magic pill to fix me but we all know how that goes.

I won’t be hitting the gym this week, don’t want to spread the germs, plus the poo-ness.  I wish I had some essential oils to try on myself but I don’t expect any to arrive until next week.  I would go with the proprietary blend thieves from Young Living just because that’s the one I know, I wonder what else could help.  I believe I’ll do some research now.  Pinterest is a good place to find links.


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