Big Butter Jesus, Dreads, Doctors and Oils

I have been down for the count for a few days, nasty bug had ahold of me, but I am feeling much better now, back to my old self.  As normal as is normal for me.  I have nothing going on for super bowl sunday, it doesn’t even come on here until like my bedtime.  Usually on sundays we go over to my dad and stepmom’s house and have dinner, but they are all feeling poorly as well so we may not go.  It really is the highlight of my week, getting out and hanging with other grown ups that I know.  I am living with my mom and stepdad but they work long hours and I don’t really see them all that much.  Mom is away for the weekend, so I am feeling especially lonely and restless.  Yesterday we went to Trader’s World, a huge flea market here in ohio.  If you have ever heard of big butter jesus, it’s near that.  Big butter jesus is a huge statue of jesus in front of this church, but jesus looked like he was carved out of butter.  It’s not there anymore, it got struck by lightning and burned, they put up a better statue.

I picked up some shea butter at the market to make some body lotion and lip balm with my essential oils. I raed about a fat dissolving salve I want to try on my extra chin.  So far I am really enjoying all the aromas and playing with all the little bottles and containers. My order from Butterfly Express came within three days, I am still waiting on my Young Living kit. I got a diffuser necklace to put a few drops in for the continuous flow of aroma for uplifting my mood.  If nothing else I like the smells. I’m using a mixture of bergamot, lavender and vetiver.  Vetiver smells like smoke I think and I like it but it’s strong so I only use one drop.  One of my ears have clogged up due to the illness and I have tried a few things to relieve the pressure.  Lavender was first, although I don’t have good expensive lavender, just the grocery store kind.  It did ease the pain, yes it did!  Took the pain out of it, but still clogged.  I put two drops on a cotton ball and sat it in my ear.  Next I tried bergamot and that didn’t go well.  It burned where the oil on the cotton ball actually touched my ear.  A lesson that these oils are powerful and I should be careful in my experimentation. Right now I have tea tree oil sitting there and it’s pretty tingly.  I mixed up a dreadlock refresher with lavender and tea tree oil, I’m thinking I should add rosemary.  I oil my scalp with it daily and I am happy to say no signs of dandruff.  I cut it with distilled water to spritz on the dreads themselves to keep them fresh.

I am LOVING my hair!  I have finished the ends of about half so there are no locks of stringy hair at the tips.  Originally I wanted the loose hair at the ends but it just looked so stringy I opted to tuck in the ends and I am liking the finished look.  I do one every day with the crochet hook.  They are just past shoulder length when they are finished, I lost a lot of length even with the extensions.  I’m not too disappointed in the length, it is still long enough to tie up and that’s how it is every day.  If your not tender headed and have thought about it before I would definitely recommend giving it a try.  My head is still pretty sore, especially with the daily crocheting of a loc, and I am not tender headed.  Even my mom commented that my hair looked nice.  I have bangs out that are past shoulder length and I tuck them to the side behind an ear, I think it looks great.  When I went to the doctor the other day she kept staring at my bun, that was a little awkward.

The doctor appointment went ok.  I got my mental health referral and go back the fourteenth for my first visit with them.  I’m happy they got me in so quickly.  On the concerning side, I told her about my phantom pancreas explosion and she is concerned I may be having real pain in that area due to onset of diabetes.  I have to do fasting labs the morning I go back and see her again in a month.  She was also concerned about my crazy high cholesterol.  She was impressed with my rapid weight gain on the meds and since I am not normally heavy feels that my weight could be doing some real damage quickly.  Just another reason to get back to the gym Monday.  And I will be at the gym Monday, twice.  Tuesday I am going to visit my sister, lemon head, and talk essential oils.  I am going to see if she wants to make lip balm with me.  So no gym Tuesday but back at it Wednesday for a double dose, Thursday morning and hopefully I can drag my ass in on Friday.  Diabetes is scary shit and the last thing I want is to take more meds.  If I had a choice I would opt for insulin injections before the pills, but I don’t think that’s the way it is done.  When I took latuda, oh so briefly, my blood sugar would drop unexpectedly and I would come close to passing out, it never occurred to me that I could asymptomatically be getting high blood sugar.  Thanks latuda.  Although abilify is known for it as well and I’ve been on that for years now.  I should just thank my fat ass.


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