Promising Weigh Day

I am happy to report that I am down 5 lbs to 237.4 lbs!  I am shocked as the last two weeks have been hit or miss at the gym with sickness in the house and my diet has not exactly been on point.  I can’t begin to articulate the hope I feel right now, progress is being made and the scale is showing it in black and white.  Since it is the beginning of a new month I also did my measurements, I’m down 1/2 an inch on every measurement but my arms, they stayed the same.  Somehow my bust increased two inches but I’m going to go with taper error on that one.  The girls are def looking a little less perky these days.  But I might not have told you- the hubs and I have a bargain going-if I lose 100 lbs and get to my goal weight then I get a boob job, perk those puppies right back up.  I have wanted a reduction for as long as I have been above a C-cup, so forever.  I feel it in my grasp! Only 87 lbs to go.

My Young Living essential oil kit is still not here, it’s only been a week though.  The tea tree did nothing for my clogged ear except maybe ward off infection, I am confident there is an oil for that. I just don’t know which one.  I have been doing some reading and it looks like bay oil is the way to go but I don’t have any.  I am going to go with the tried and true-it really does work- garlic clove in the ear remedy.  I picked up a head at the store this morning along with a new foldable table to use as a desk, work surfaces are severely lacking in the current set-up.  I now have a place to work on my essential oil mixtures, lotions and creams.  As I sit here with a garlic clove in my ear, I will update you on all the info I have been absorbing about essential oils. So I read about the amazing fat dissolving properties of grapefruit oil, you may have heard about people mixing it with water and drinking it.  I guess this is frowned upon in the community.  It makes sense to me that the oil can be hard on the digestive tract, it gave me heartburn when I tried it, but I have a tender tummy.  British school of thought is no on ingesting oils.  French school says dilute in honey or olive oil to ingest.  I am going to go the conservative route and not ingest any oils at this time.  I also wonder, if heat is so bad for oils, how do they react to stomach acid?  If I can get the same results with a topical application, and word is you can, then I’ll go that route.  I have read up a little on grapefruit and I want to try making a cream for my extra chin using grapefruit oil and shea butter, if all else fails and no fat dissolving properties are observed, at least I will have possibly postponed turkey neck with all the moisture and massage.  It is used in a lot of cellulite recipes so it’s worth a try.  Frankincense is the go-to for skin and wrinkles maybe I’ll add a little of that, I wonder what they smell like together?  Frankincense is in the YL starter kit, so I’ll wait until that gets here.

I had a long talk yesterday with my step-mom about some emotions I have been feeling and I feel like I got to the root of a few things that have been bothering me.  Mostly we gossiped but there was some good stuff in there.  It was nice to get out of the house and talk to a grown up for a change.  I got to see my dad, he actually got out of bed and visited with us for a bit which doesn’t always happen.  He suffered a head injury when we were kids and has never fully recovered, he struggles with dementia and fatigue.  Every time I am feeling crummy about all the meds I have to take, I just go see his med bag, jeez.  My youngest brother and sister were there and it was nice to see my oldest interacting with them, maybe some maturity will rub off on her lol.  Speaking of the girl-child, she has been switched off of abilify and back to trileptal due to all the weight she has been putting on, she is up to 160 lbs and when we started meds she was only 130.  I didn’t realize quite how much she had gained until I had to buy her all new pants twice in a three month period.  The whole reason for the change in the first place was that her dr in Georgia wasn’t comfortable administering trileptal to a minor, whereas the doc here thinks it’s fine.  She was always slightly less spastic on the trileptal, abilify seemed to wind her up.  I am happy with the change, now if I could only get her to remember to take it every day.  I am so religious with my med routine, but it happens as soon as I wake up, it takes me a half hour to get her out of bed in the mornings after I have been through my routine, by then I have forgotten.  I think I might Velcro her pill bottle to the wall next to her door, genius!  At twelve years old she is old enough to start taking some responsibilty for herself and her health.  I have finally got her showering every day and brushing her teeth and hair at least once a day.  The next step is to incorporate her meds into her routine, she needs to develop that habit early because she will be on meds her whole life.


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