Monday Is Weigh Day-Again/Washington Here I Come

But I’m not gonna bother weighing today, the last two weeks were such a cluster fuck that I don’t even want to know.  I ate ice cream twice and worked out twice, that’s about it.  Back on track today though.  I started a cardio class this morning, three days a week.  Let me tell you, I am going to be sore tomorrow!  I ate a healthy lunch, overslept, so I skipped breakfast, I know, I know, that’s bad.  Even without breakfast I was still ten minutes late for class.  That ten minutes probably saved me from a heart attack, cause that class is intense.  I went back to bed after getting the preteen off to school because the baby was up all night, that’s how I succumbed to the ice cream temptation.  Middle of the night eating is the bane of my diet plan.

Feeling pretty productive so far today.  I got an oil change and healthy food at the grocery, did my class and I plan on avoiding nap time today.  Coffee Coffee Coffee We will see how that goes.  I want to avoid nap-time so that I can get some alone study time on the Aromahead aromatherapy certification course.  I am still waiting on my oils for lesson one to arrive, they should be here today, at the latest.  I went ahead and ordered everything I need to finish the course, since shipping is so slow, and that should be here by the end of the week. We are studying monoterpenes and I am loving it.  Although everyone has varying opinions on the amount of money I spent, depending on how much money I told them I spent, no one has flat out said “hey, You dumbass, this is ridiculous.”  My husband said, “I hope you like it because you WILL do this for the rest of your life.”  My mother was sorely disappointed at the financial aspect and was kind enough to remind me of all the things I have become obsessed with over the years and then dropped.  I sincerely hope that does not happen this time.  I’m not sure where I am going to go with this certification but I feel like this IS something I could do for the rest of my life.  I also feel like once my ECT treatments are over and they work (fingers crossed) I might want to go back into the workforce, and this would be a nice, low stress arena to get into.

We got some news regarding our next duty station.  Looks like we will be going to Washington state in about a year and a half.  I’m excited and terrified at the same time.  I don’t have a good track record out in the world emotionally.  I tend to crash, but I crash at home as well.  I just need to be careful to keep my stress load low and try to make friends, at the same time.  I would love to have friends, but it is just so damn hard.  Moving is stressful enough, especially moving cross country.  I have a brother out there and I got along well with his girlfriend at Christmas, so that’s a plus.  Changing doctors sucks, it would be nice to have a little continuity of care in my life.  Being so far from home is the most stressful part, no one to pick up slack on the kids, no one to lift me up when I am feeling down.  Yah my husband will be there, but there is always the potential for deployment and I am not coming home again, it’s just too hard on the kids, and me, all this moving around.  I’d like to be in the same place for a while.  I’m going to stick out this three years in WA come hell or high water.


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