Oil Me Up!

I’m up to my eyeballs in essential oils and I’m loving it!  I’m finished with orientation and unit one in the Aromahead certification program.  It only took me this long to finish unit one because the post office was slow with my oil delivery.  I completed the blending activities today, since my oils arrived.  I made a sore muscle oil for my post workout aches and pains, a decongestant inhaler and gave myself a very sinus clearing steaming.  I’m sending some of the muscle rub to hubby since he is working out as hard as me in Kuwait.  The muscle oil was soothing but doesn’t last as long as, say, icy hot or a balm but I like it.  I’m sure it would have been fabulous if I had someone to rub my sore muscles down.  I used Black Pepper, Marjoram and Rosemary in 1 oz of jojoba wax ( which is actually a liquid), 5 drops each for a nice strong rub for acute pains.  I completed some worksheets and made a few of my own to really get some retention of all the oils and properties.  We are studying according to the predominant chemical family, they are throwing in quite a bit more chemistry than I had anticipated but it’s manageable. Using the MS/GC datasheets to really delve into the chemical properties of each oil. I actually took the test for A&P and passed so I don’t have to do much with that, tested out.  But I will definitely read through it for the lil’ nuggets of aromatherapy applications.  All in all very enjoyable.  The webinars and activities are engaging and there is a huge forum to connect with other students and graduates.  They are great about answering any questions you have and I actually emailed a little bit with the founder, Andrea Butje, when I finished my A&P test.  She sent me a congratulatory email.  I don’t know if it was auto-generated or what, but it was still nice.  I plan on following through with this and taking on the Advanced Graduate Course as soon as the funds are available after I finish the basic ACP.

I had a bit of a financial accident with the supplies I purchased to complete the lessons.  You can work with what you have but I went overboard and ordered a few I was curious about.  I meant to anyway.  I actually ordered everything in my cart on the one site and it had my wishlist in it. Oils I was not going to order because they were cost prohibitive.  I used a credit card and didn’t even notice the total because I had figured it all out on paper, it was supposed to be about a hundred bucks.  Well I got an email of the invoice after it shipped and hot dammit there were a few on there I didn’t mean to order.  So now I am the shameful owner of nerloi and helichrysum and german chamomile. Thank god there was no rose or jasmine in the cart.

Despite the cost I feel like this course is really enriching my life and is totally worth it.  I am learning so much and working with much more confidence with the oils I have.  I feel like I could gain enough confidence to go into the workforce with this.  So the pressure of my upcoming disability hearing has eased a little.  I’m not puking anymore anyway.  I think that if they reject me I could re-enter the workforce in some capacity as an aromatherapist.  That is a really big thing to say.  Fear of people and new situations are my two biggest stressors.  If denied I would have no choice but to attempt to work.  This is my fallback plan, I don’t have to live in the stressful world of the nurse or flip burgers at mcdonalds, although if they get that minimum wage hike I might.  All of my future financial worries are no longer resting on the shoulders of a flawed system.  My husband, who has carried the financial weight of the household for 7 years, may actually not have to retire from the army if I am contributing in some way.



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