Saturday Blues

Well I’m seriously considering throwing my scale out the window. It’s been hovering at 240 again, all week.  I know, I know, plateaus and all that.  But goddam can I just be not fat already?  I’m still maintaining the whole food plant based lifestyle, haven’t even had nondairy ice cream cheats.  I’ve been cutting out oil like a champ, sauteeing in broth and using the instant pot pressure cooker almost daily. But… exercise.  I’m basically sitting on my ass all day so I feel guilty about my disappointment.  I truely detest those people who think everything is a quick fix and magically, with no effort, there will be results, but I see that I am having those tendencies right now.  I’m going to stop stepping on the scale everyday expecting results.  I’m going to get up off my ass and while the kids are at school, go to the gym.  Restart my lifting routine and get some cardio.  

 30 days or less until my husband is home, then I will have a partner again, some support. I hope.  He is not all in on the plant based diet.  He has reservations, called some of the documentaries and doctors I have been following pseudoscientific.  He is afraid of cutting out all meat and then having a bad reaction when he inevitably goes back to it.  Which I’ve seen people do, stomach cramping, diarrhea and headaches.  When I think about it, I don’t want to go back.  I like how good I feel, and the longer I go without meat, it’s been over 30 days now, the more passionate I feel about all aspects of it.  The environmental impact and not contributing to the factory farming of animals.  Now, I grew up on a farm in rural Ohio. We raised cows, from bottlefeeding the babies to sending the grown cows off to slaughter.  We had pigs, and ate our chickens and their eggs.  Animals died, so we could eat.  And sometimes they just died.  We had a horse get loose and get hit by a car, we had a pony get trampled in a horse stampede, cows got sick, baby calves got sick and died.  I saw a lot of death on that little mom and pop farm.  I’ve always felt that death is a part of life that farm made me immune to, to a certain extent.  But when I see videos of what goes on in the factory farms, I have to look away, it breaks my heart.  It’s like pictures of the holocaust, I just can’t. To think that people can sink to that level of depravity is too much.  I can’t contribute to it anymore.  I’m not going back.  

If your interested at all some good documentaries to watch are What The Health, Forks Over Knives, In Defense Of Food.  All informative without all the greusomeness that some other shows like Earthlings and Cowspiracy have.  I can’t watch those, the little I have seen haunts me.   Good books are How Not To Die, The China Study, Eat to Live, all focusing on the benefits of the plant based lifestyle.  


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