Monday is Whey Day

236.4 lbs this Monday. I’ve had a bad week eating wise as well. Late night snacks and peanut butter.  I also have a confession. Pre-whole food, plant based diet I had bought a can of whey protein, well I didn’t want it to go to waste so I have continued to add about a tablespoon to my morning smoothies.  Never fear! I have suffered for my sins. My eating was so off track I didn’t drink my smoothies for a few days.  Well, when I made my smoothie at 4 o’clock in the afternoon the other day, I paid the price. My body no longer tolerates dairy, it proved this to me with intense cramping, nausea, vomiting and cold sweats for hours.  It didn’t immediately occur to me what was happening, so the next day, feeling fine again, I went on about my business and made another smoothie using aforementioned protein powder. IT HAPPENED AGAIN.  And if that’s not punishment enough….I went to the local GNC to get some vegan protein and mistakenly picked up a non vegan package that was on the shelf with all the vegan options and did it to myself AGAIN this morning.  They have a lovely return policy so this afternoon once the nausea passed and I could get off the toilet I exchanged it for the vegan option.  Should be good tomorrow. I hope.  

It amazes me that having that little whey protein in my diet everyday was keeping me sensitized to dairy and just a few days with absolutely no dairy and my body is rejecting it so vociferously.  It has proven to me that we are not truly supposed to be ingesting dairy past infancy.  Let me tell you, it hurt, and I have never previously been lactose sensitive.  I’m nervous about accidentally ingesting it again, say at a potluck or family gathering.  I also wonder if it has contributed negatively on my health progress over the past couple months. With inflammation, weight retention or other adverse effects.  Perhaps it influenced my cholesterol readings, which were not ideal. Im excited to see what my readings are in 6 months at my recheck.  A month and a half on the plan and my only abnormal labs were elevated cholesterol readings.  No vitamin deficiencies or electrolyte imbalances.  I do take a half dose of b12 daily along with D3. I have taken b and d vitamins on and off for years, but on a daily basis now.  Combatting depression is my goal, and I don’t want any dietary deficiencies influencing my moods.  The way I feel on this meat free diet, vegan if you will, is good.  I feel good. In a safe, not hypomanic way.  I wish I had known years ago what a difference my diet could make on my mental health.  I’m not sure I had the strength during those dark times to make such a drastic change on my own, but to have seen a light at the end of the tunnel or known that there were other options would have given me some hope.  I think. Maybe not, but I was ready to go for electro-conclusive therapy because I didn’t think I had any other options.  I hope that someone out there who is struggling sees this and finds hope and maybe some relief of their symptoms as I have.  Despite my recent bad experiences with the whey, I know this is the path for me.


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