Hair Dye Heaven

Dyed my dreads RED and I mean really RED.  I used an all natural henna cream, two bottles cause I got a lot a hair. My natural hair plus two sets of extensions, my dreads when unfurled hang to my waist. My new red dreads.  Something about a new hairstyle or color really puts a mark in your book of life, like opening up a new chapter.  Celebrating life in all it’s vibrant colors, from someone who didn’t notice the colors for a long time. Not that I didn’t want to see them but they just weren’t there for me for a while.

Speaking of new chapters… I’m super excited about taking the holistic nutrition course through AFPA.  Hey guys, remember when I was obsessed with the end of the world and prepping, or when I couldn’t get over gardening, how about my recent foray into the world of essential oils? Its a pattern, I know.  My greatest fear is that my own health and nutrition will be another passing fad. I’d like to think I will be this motivated and focused for the rest of my life.  I want right now to shout from the rooftops how wonderful plant based eating has made me feel, but I know not everyone wants to hear it.  Meat lover as I was, I definitely didn’t want to hear it.  What started out as a last ditch effort to lose weight has morphed into an entire lifestyle overhaul. Not like when I went through the cabinets at 4 in the morning throwing out everything with a preservative in it. But more like taking control of my own health and wellness.  I’ve taken baby steps in the past, taking the meds, using the uv lamp, getting up and moving every day, but this choice to up my nutrition with a variety of fruits and vegetables has been a game changer.  I feel like as long as I am taking positive steps to reinforce my recovery and stability, I can’t go wrong. Even if this is a passing fad, the payoff is life long. Weight loss and the education for a healthier life will stay with me no matter what path i eventually settle on, if I ever settle on one path.


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